What is a Prolotherapy Treatment? 

A proliferative therapy treatment (Prolotherapy) is basically a well-known orthopedic procedure that stimulates the healing processes of the body in order to repair and strengthen painful and injured connective tissues and joints. As a matter of fact, it’s based on the truth that when tendons and ligaments (connective tissues are torn or stretch, the joint they’re holding destabilizes as well as can become very painful. a prolotherapy treatment, with its one-of-a-kind ability to determine the cause of instability, may produce new collagen tissues and repair the weakened sites, and that means permanent joint stabilization.  

Once the joints are stabilized, the pain often resolves. Conventional ways such as surgical procedures have more risk as well as may be unsuccessful to stabilize the joints and alleviate pain, and also, anti-inflammatory treatments and any other pain relievers just act temporarily. It was originally called the sclerotherapy in the 1930’s when proliferative therapy was discovered and included vein and joint injections. Now, the term proliferative therapy is actually used for tendon, ligament and joint injections while sclerotherapy, on the other hand, is used for spider veins, hemorrhoids, varicose veins and some other vascular abnormalities. 

How Does This Work? 

A prolotherapy treatment works by stimulating the natural healing mechanisms of the body in order to lay down the new collagen tissue in the weakened portion. This is performed by a very guided injection to the affected part, making the body to once again repair. A mild inflammatory response that is made by the injection promotes growth of new and normal tendon and ligament fibers, leading to the tightening of the weak structure. Additional therapies repeat the process, allowing a gradual repair of the tissues to regain their original strength. 

What’s in the Solution That’s Injected? 

Texas prolotherapy injections actually contain natural substances which stimulate the healing process and also, the local anesthetics to help alleviate the pain through giving an injection to the injury site. Conventional formulas may include ingredients such as saline, lidocaine or procaine, sarapin, and dextrose. In the last 7 years, newer formulas include autologous adult stem cell sources, and platelet rich plasma, ideally taken from the adipose or fat tissues, or bone marrow. Each treating physician or professional medical practitioner tailors the choice of the right formula in accordance with the needs of the patient. 

Is Prolotherapy Treatment New? 

Sclerotherapy or prolotherapy has been widely used since 500 B.C., and was very successful back then, when the Roman soldiers with joint dislocations on their shoulder were treated using hot branding irons in order to fuse the torn or damaged ligaments. Advances in the medical field have greatly improved on the process and also, led to the modern approaches of creating normal and new collagen as well as strengthening fibrous tissues instead of just producing scarring to attach tissues together. Advances in this field have actually made the use of the advanced formulas and techniques such as the Platelet Rich Plasma which contains growth factors as well as autologous Adult Stem Cell sources, for a much more effective approach.