Many people add residential properties to their portfolio of investments. An apartment, condominium, and even a single-family home are good examples of such. Those might be perfect, but you might just feel like you’re not making any money.   

You can your property to make extra money. You can easily increase your ROI by renting out your property. If you desire to increase your income, consider renting out your property per room instead of renting it as one.  

Single room rentals mean multiple tenants. But that also means multiple rental inspections. While it may be a nice financial option, it comes with several downsides. Just understand the important things that you have to know about renting space and you’ll be all set.   

Why Rent a Room?  

Most people who have properties prefer to rent out their property to a single individual or an entire family. If your house is your main residence, which means living in that home, you might want to consider that option. But if it is a real estate investment property, you may have other options before you. Multiple renters renting single-family homes and similar units offer plenty of opportunities for you and your tenants.  

In comparison, property owners can earn more revenue in leasing rooms to individual tenants. So, instead of a 3-bedroom home renting $2,000 to a family, you will get up to $2,400 for it per month if you rent it out to three tenants. Renting out rooms also make your income safe, as it lowers the impact of vacancies.  

Low Tenant Turnover   

Instead of renting the entire apartment alone, turning it into a multi-person house is an inexpensive manner to live, most especially in large cities where spaces are expensive and the for such demand is high. This is particularly true for young and single people.   

Many young professionals chose this strategy because it lets them use their money for other items such as paying their college debts. They can also use it to buy a brand-new car and maybe save it to pay for the down payment of a house. Many single rooms are rented out easily for a few hundred dollars per month in most parts of the country, while a good apartment unit would cost as low as $900 per month. This is why sharing the house with other people is the best choice for those who have no kids and have little responsibility since the savings are going to be massive.  

Renting Out Your Home   

Even so, landlords would possibly have to settle for a higher turnover rate of tenants. There is high demand for such a housing type. But mostly, it requires a contract to rent individual rooms. After several months, the tenants that require more space and privacy will want their location. Many people might find it hard to share a bathroom or kitchen with others. Renting a single room can be hard for others who are dating. Think of these if you are currently planning for getting a Toronto room for rent.