You might consider your dog part of your family. However, that does not mean that the landlord will also consider that. For those who don’t know, pet ownership in the United States is not slowing. Around 64% of residents in the United States own at least a single pet. This includes 64% of all Millennials.

If you are looking for pet friendly rentals Penrith, there are several steps you can take, whether your pet is a cat or a dog.

Prepare a Resume for Your Pet

In a competitive market, looking for apartments can often feel like you are looking for a job. Aside from selling yourself, it is also crucial that you sell your pets if you are a pet owner. That’s why you should try to reach out to former landlords, obedience trainers, and dog walkers for letters of recommendation to show your potential leaser. It is also worth creating a resume for your pet that details its medical information, certifications, breed, size, and age. Also, you should recommend setting up a pet interview if the landlord is still hesitant. This will help the landlord to get a feel for your dog or cat in person.

Size Matters

You should pick a pet that will be easy for your landlord to like if you do not own a pet yet but is considering to in the future. It is common for the pet policy of a building to single out dogs who surpass a maximum weight limit. For a lot of areas, this falls around 20 up to 50 pounds. Thus, a renter who prefers a pint-sized breed is already safe. These rules are perhaps for the best. The reason for this is that your huge dog might not feel comfortable if the apartment is too small for it.

See If You Qualify for a Support Animal

Seeing eye dogs offer help to their owners in a clear way. However, service pets can also help with conditions that are not that obvious. You might be protected under the Fair Housing Act if you suffer from debilitating emotional problems and count on your dog for comfort. You might not even know about this.

Search for Private Landlords

If most of the apartments that you find do not advertise themselves as pet-friendly, you should not worry too much. Typically, private landlords are a lot simpler to wear down. You can easily negotiate individual owners. However, there is still a bit of hope that you can talk your way into it if a professionally-managed established does not allow pets.

Use Tools Online

These tools online can make it simple for you to look for a compatible apartment. You can also use these tools to know if the apartments are pet-friendly., Trulia, and Craigslist all provide users the choice to get rid of options that do not allow pets. With this, you will not fall for apartments only to find out that your pet is not allowed. A couple of sites even exclusively list pet-friendly rental units.