Perhaps you already know the things you can achieve with shipping containers. If so, now is the time to think about other vital factors. Preparation and planning are vital to building your home successfully, not only when it comes to structural stability, but also in terms of council approval, ongoing costs, timeframe, functionality, and budget. Here are some tips to help prepared and plan your shipping container home: 

Placing of the building 

Where you position the building can greatly determine and affect the ongoing cooling and heating cost and energy efficiency. If you want to reduce your energy consumption during summer and winter, consider taking advantage of the path of the sun.  


Unforeseen costs are common for professional fees and construction expenses even if you have planned it properly. However, doing your homework and making sure to stick to your allotted budget can help reduce the damage. With this, you need to come up with a list of all the expert services that you possibly need to use and contact some of them to know the basic range of their service fee. The more you know the rough estimation of your cost, the more you can make a loose budget.  

Functionality and space 

Decide and come up with a clear vision about what you want from your house. Think about the number of levels, the things you want to include and display in your outdoor area, the number of bathrooms and bedrooms, etc. Thankfully, you can arrange shipping containers in an extensive range of patterns and whatever you want. But, keep in mind that how much space you need what space will be utilized for will be the determining factor about the number of containers you’ll be needing and how they’ll be positioned.  

Sourcing suppliers 

As you source for suppliers, keep in mind that this innovative and unique building will be your home. So, aim to construct it to last and collaborate with suppliers that you know who only aims to provide great service, which will eventually help you achieve your dream house.  

Make a site layout and a floor plan 

As soon as you already know how many rooms (living areas, bathrooms, home offices, bedrooms) you want to have, now is the time to know the estimated area of every room and begin to sketch. There are a lot of online resources for home floor plans using shipping containers.  

Once you have finished a few layouts that you’re satisfied with, you can utilize 3D modeling software that can help bin bringing your design to life and to have a greater idea of how your new house will look like.  

Look for the best shipping container provider 

If you want to get the quality shipping containers and trusted, personal service, then make sure to only choose the leading local full service design company that provides only the best shipping containers in town that you can use for any project you have in mind.